Here are Pastor Brian’s Recent Sermons:

12-29-19                       “Heavenly Peas”   Word

12-24-19                       “Plenty of Room”   Word

12-22-19                       “Scandal”   Word

12-15-19                        “Is Patience Really a Virtue”  Word

12-8-19                         “Crocked Path”   Word

12-1-19                          “Wait, I Wasn’t Ready”  Word

11-24-19                       “Great Wow!”    Word

11-17-19                        “Emulating Grace”  Word

11-10-19                       “Riddles of Faith”    Word

10-27-19                      “Legacy of Grace”    Word

10-20-19                     “Persistent, Pestering Faith”   Word

10-13-19                     “Soap on a Rope”     Word

10-6-19                       “Got Ubuntu”   Word

9-29-10                       “Privilege”   Word

9-22-19                       “Buying a Dead Donkey”    Word

9-15-19                       “Found in Grace”   Word

9-8-19                         “Jesus says the Darnedest Things” Word

9-1-19                           “A Place at the Table”  Word

8-25-19                      “Brain Freeze”  Word

8-18-19                     “Peace and Quiet”  Word

8-11-19                     “Living With Our Makeup On”  Word

8-4-19                      “Secret Closets”  Word

7-28-19                    “Kangaroos Can’t Jump Backwards”  Word

7-14-19                     “Like a Good Neighbor”  Word

7-7-19                        “Dusty Places”  Word

6-30-19                     “Chains that Bind Us”  Word

6-23-19                     “Tightropes of Faith”    Word

6-16-19                     “Up & In & Out”  Word

6-9-19                       “Inspiration” Celebration of Life Joan McColly  Word

6-2-19                      “Somebody Better do Something” Word

5-26-19                    “Reside in Peace”  Word

5-19-19                    “Point of Contact” Word

5-12-19                    “I Am A Sheep, and That is Okay” Word

5-5-19                      “Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel”  Word

4-28-19                   “God’s Developing Story” Word

4-21-19                    “Expect the Unexpected” Word

4-7-19                      “Waste Not, Want Not”  Word

3-31-10                   “Shape of Grace”  Word

3-24-19                   “Super Bloom”  Word

3-17-19                   “Radical Love”  Word

3-6-19                    “Holding Memories of Life”  Word

3-3-19                    “Triangle of Transformation” Word

2-17-19                   “Show Love” Word

2-10-19                  “No Bait & Switch”      Word

2-3-19                    “Holy Controversy”    Word

1-27-19                  “I Believe”    Word

1-20-19                 “Modern Day Miracles”  Word

1-13-19                  “Great Expectations”    Word

12-30-18               “Holy Resilience”  Word

12-24-18               “Every Day Mangers”    Word

12-23-18               “My Soul Magnifies the Lord”  Word

12-16-18               “Re “JOY” sing”    Word

12-9-18                 “As it is Written”    Word

12-2-18                 “Full of Anticipation”  Word