“With all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

(Evangelical Lutheran Worship, page 288)


Thank you for considering Resurrection Lutheran Church of Coronado for your special day. The solemn commitment made in marriage or civil union is a cause for great celebration yet also requires great planning as well.  For over 50 years Resurrection Lutheran Church of Coronado has proudly hosted the nuptials of scores of residents of and visitors to our beautiful island home.  When two adults choose to take this next step in their relationship and unite in marriage or civil union, we at Resurrection Lutheran Church offer our prayers and our best wishes and celebrate all couples united in love.

As you work hard to plan your special day, our congregation will accompany you in the period leading up to the big day with pastoral consultation and careful planning to ensure a ceremony that celebrates your love and gives thanks to the One who made it happen.  We rejoice in the God who brings together two people in love and in that love creates a new family.  Resurrection Lutheran Church of Coronado is a place where all are welcome.  In that spirit, you are invited to take a few moments to explore our newly expanded wedding page for Resurrection Lutheran Church of Coronado.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of having a wedding at Resurrection Lutheran Church of Coronado?

R: Fees vary based on membership at Resurrection Lutheran Church.  Members of RLC or those actively seeking membership are provided the space free of charge.  Non-members of RLC are charged a fee of $700.00, which covers facility maintenance, church wedding coordinator, officiant honorarium and organist fee.  Although waived, members of RLC are strongly encouraged to cover these costs though not required to.  A facility deposit of $100.00 is also required for all couples regardless of congregational membership.

Q: Is there premarital counseling involved?

R: Yes. Couples will typically meet with the Pastor several times leading up to the ceremony.  Counseling occurs during the second and third meeting with the pastor with a fourth meeting occasionally necessary to complete ceremony planning.

Q: Will there be an organist?

R: Yes. Ceremonies held in the sanctuary will also include an organist.  The organist will arrange the music to your liking and attend the rehearsal on the eve of the ceremony.

Q: Can we skip an organist and provide our own musician or DJ?

R: Yes. Supplemental musicians or a DJ for the ceremony require an additional meeting with the Pastor as well as required attendance at the rehearsal on the eve of the ceremony.  The fee for weddings is not lowered based on the refusal of an organist.

Q: Does the church provide a wedding coordinator?

R: Yes. A wedding coordinator from Resurrection Lutheran Church of Coronado will represent the congregation and the officiant to other coordinators and hired personnel.  The coordinator will also be present at the initial and final meeting with the couple and the Pastor, will share leadership of the rehearsal on the eve of the ceremony, and will handle all last-minute detail changes with the couple and other coordinators and hired personnel and act as a go-between for the Pastor and all personnel save for the couple itself on the wedding day.

Q: Can we hire our own church wedding coordinator or refuse to use the services of a church wedding coordinator?

R: You may hire your own church wedding coordinator, however one will still be provided from the church under the supervision of the officiant and will act as the intermediary between other wedding personnel and the officiant at the rehearsal and ceremony. Given the complex nature of holding a wedding ceremony and the many details that need addressing, the officiant will select a church wedding coordinator.  If a ceremony is being held outside of the church, the officiant may still require use of a coordinator to consult with other wedding personnel- which is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Can we perform special unity and cultural ceremonies within the larger ceremony? (For example, a Veil, Cord and Coin Ceremony or a Unity Sand Ceremony)

R: Absolutely! We recognize and celebrate the unique blending of culture and tradition that so many marriage and unions create.  If your special day requires a special ceremony, please let us know and we will do our best to arrange for it.

Q: Will there be a rehearsal?

R: Yes. A rehearsal is essential for making sure your perfect day can become just that, perfect.  Because there are so many people involved in making a wedding ceremony happen, a rehearsal is required and usually held on the eve of the ceremony.  Attendance at the ceremony is mandatory for anyone involved in the procession or with a part in the ceremony itself (readers, musicians, etc.).  Special attention is also paid to the procession and to any additional unity and cultural ceremonies.

Q: Is the Pastor or any other staff of Resurrection Lutheran Church of Coronado available for ceremonies away from the church property?

R: Yes.  While we strongly encourage all couples wishing to have Pastor officiate their wedding hold their nuptials at RLC, we understand circumstances sometimes do not permit it, or the couple simply desires another location.  In fact recently the Pastor officiated at a wedding on a sailboat. Each situation is unique and you will need to contact the Pastor for more information about booking a ceremony outside RLC.