Our program prides itself creating an environment which supports parents and teachers working together with the common goal of the success and happiness of our children.

Effective communication is essential; each family is important to us and we try to touch base with you every day. Since there can be many family members, caregivers and parents making up “ the village” that cares for your child, we have to use more than a daily meet and greet to keep in touch, so please:

  • Check your child’s cubby when you arrive and before you leave; this is
    your mailbox at school.
  • Read your newsletters.
  • Mark holidays and school closures on your calendar.
  • Write a note, call or email when you have a concern; a written note or
    email is best to ensure your information/concern get proper attention.

Parent Participation

How can you be involved with your child’s school?


  • Lock and latch the gates; be aware if other families remember to do so.
  • Keep an eye on siblings of your children when dropping off and picking up.
  • Sign up to share a snack with your child’s class.
  • Share your talent, occupation or special interest as a school visitor.
  • Donate no longer used toys, dress up clothes or Zoo Nooz.


Please care for children at home when:

  • They have a fever or have had one with 24 hours of a school day.
  • They have vomited, had diarrhea or experienced these within 24 hours of
    a school day.
  • They have a new cold, profusely runny nose, persistent coughing or are
    over tired and out of sorts.
  • Please call when in doubt!