Open and Affirming Congregation of the ELCA

We are an Open and Affirming Congregation of the ELCA.  We believe that God has created all people in the image of God and for that reason we welcome ALL people to join us in celebrating God’s inclusive love and grace with one another.  Inclusivity means affirming that you are whole and redeemed by the [...]

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From the Desk of Pastor Brian

From the Desk of Pastor Brian “Ignored” Have you ever felt ignored, and not feeling heard in a group of people even when you have something important to say? It’s frustrating isn’t it? The Gospel for this Sunday is troubling for many because Jesus seems to be ignoring the pleas of the Canaanite woman who [...]

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Spiritual but Not Religious?

“I am Spiritual but not Religious,” is a familiar phrase.  “I don’t need to go to a building to pray or worship or believe in God or be spiritual.”  This is very true, what we believe is shaped by experiences of the past and present.  Religion helps to express these spiritual beliefs in a community [...]

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RLC Pennies with a Purpose

Beginning in September the Young People of RLC will ONCE AGAIN lead the Congregation in collecting "Pennies with a Purpose" for the San Diego Ronald McDonald House Charities. Pennies and other loose change can add up quickly. The Pennies with a Purpose Challenge is about collecting 50 cups of pennies which is about $3 a cup x [...]

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SEW POWERFUL – Donating 6,000 Days of School

This is how Moms, Grandmothers and other Coronado Community members can work together to give the gift of education to 200 girls in Lusaka, Zambia, by helping them to complete 6,000 days of school. “This will become a reality very soon, by January 25th, 2016 I hope!” said Coronado resident Jean Caron. Jean, a Resurrection [...]

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Improvement Project 2015

Donna Crossman is working with the RLC council and the City's Design Review Committee to provide some much needed deferred maintenance and improvement to RLC.  Donna has put up renderings in the Narthex that will show you the plan that was presented to the City.  This is the initial phase and we want all the [...]

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