From the Desk of Pastor Brian

Gratitude is a lifestyle or a way of living.  When we are grateful for the life, we have been given it is an affirmation of God’s Grace and the goodness that is all around us. Gratitude reflects the beliefs we have and all the good things and people in the world, as well as the gifts and benefits we receive each day.

A lifestyle of gratitude helps us do more than remember, it encourages us to live out goodness and grace which comes to us. When we recognize that other people and God give us reasons to be grateful, we grow in our connectedness with each other, this world and God. One cannot be grateful and negative at the same time, our brains and even our souls can only focus on one thing at a time.   As people of God we strive to see God in the things that we do and the lives we live.  God is love and because of that fact we live a lifestyle of gratefulness, not just at Thanksgiving but each day we have are given life abundantly.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and grace!

The Rev. Dr. Brian K. Oltman

Resurrection Lutheran Church – 1111 Fifth Street – Coronado, CA –