From the Desk of Pastor Brian

“A New Mind”

This coming Sunday we read in Matthew 4:12-23; “Repent, for the kingdom of God has come near!” The word “repent” is typically understood as turning from sin and dedicating oneself to change of one’s life and focus on God. The word repent also relates to the words regret and contrition which means remorse for the wrongs one commits.  Another understanding of repent has to do with changing one’s mind and understand things differently.   To change one’s mind is setting aside the ways of sin and to turn to God who is filled with grace and righteousness.  This seems to be the understanding of the word repent in our Gospel for this coming Sunday. Repent in this text is translated from the Greek word Metanoia, which is a “transformative change” of heart or change of mind.  It is accurately understood as “being of a new mind.”  Being of a new mind is about changing one’s way of thinking and relationship with God, one another and self. So often one’s mindset is stuck in the past causing great difficulty for moving forward.  During the season of Epiphany, we are called to see things differently, and change the way each of us imagines God working in each other’s lives and this world.  We are called to look for God’s activity all around us and “wrap one’s mind” around new understandings.  We proclaim God’s new actions and new vision as we are transformed by God’s grace that comes to us in Jesus Christ, light of the world.

The Rev. Dr. Brian K. Oltman

Resurrection Lutheran Church – 1111 Fifth Street – Coronado, CA –