From the Desk of Pastor Brian

Receive Peace!

Advocate, Helper, Comforter or Counselor are all words used to help define the Holy Spirit, how do you define or understand the Holy Spirit?  Jesus in John 14:23-29, the Gospel for this coming Sunday, attempts to help the disciples to prepare for his departure and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is promising that they will not be alone in the ministry in which they are involved. Jesus promises an advocate to be by their side as they embark on the various paths of discipleship. Throughout the Gospels Jesus is trying to prepare his disciples for what is next in their journey, yet most of the time they are confused by what he is saying.  This time of preparation is probably the most confusing for them, their resurrected savior is going to leave again and this time it seems like forever.  Jesus attempts to instill peace in the disciples, which implies that they are worried about many things and probably sad at Jesus impending departure. How do you prepare for the Holy Spirit, is this something you even do?  The Holy Spirit comes whether we are prepared or not, like the wind blowing through each of our lives.  Peacefulness seems to be the way we prepare, the same peace that Christ gave to the disciples we are also given.  Peace often eludes us because so much of our time is spent in non-peaceful activities or moments.  Peace then is being present with God and one another as the Holy Spirit comes as our Advocate, our Helper, Comforter or Counselor.  Being at peace is all we need as the Holy Spirit works in each of our lives.

The Rev. Dr. Brian K. Oltman

Resurrection Lutheran Church – 1111 Fifth Street – Coronado, CA –