From the Desk of Pastor Brian

“Our Declaration of Interdependence”

Interdependence is the theory which posits that each of us need to be in relationship with one another to be fully human. Basically, the concept of interdependence is that human beings do not function fully without interaction and involvement with others.  Interdependence then is the need that people, animals, organizations or things depend on one another to be complete in ways which are impossible alone.  This concept implies that a reciprocal relationship is necessary for human existence. This idea challenges the concept that one can “go it alone” or somehow is “self-made.”  “People need people.” People do not exist in a vacuum or at least are not complete without interdependence with others.  This isn’t a new concept, but it is often forgotten.  The question that surfaces through this understanding is; “Does God need us – humans and animals – to be fully complete?”

Throughout scripture God seeks and desires to be in relationship with all of creation and doesn’t seem to exist outside of this concept.  Everything God does is in relationship with us, we then respond to God in various ways, actively or passively, positive, negative or even indifferent.  God’s ultimate desire is told to us in scripture is to interact fully with all of God’s creation. Ultimately this desire of God is shown through Jesus the Christ.  In the Cross of Christ, we are claimed, not as property but as children wrapped in the loving arms of God.  It might seem odd to think that God needs us and all of creation to be fully complete, but God certainly desires to be in relationship with us.  Too often human beings try to function independently without others and God. Repeatedly this independence is shown to be ineffective for living fully as faithful followers of our loving God.  Our “Declaration of Interdependence” is that we need to be in healthy relationships with one another and God, which seems to be God’s intent for all of God’s Creation!

The Rev. Dr. Brian K. Oltman

Resurrection Lutheran Church – 1111 Fifth Street – Coronado, CA –