I thought it was time to introduce the wonderful and unique personalities that make up the teachers of Resurrection Preschool!

Our staff is committed to teaching because they value the wonder and excitement of young children and find working with and supporting our preschool parents extremely rewarding. Like parents, teachers wear many hats; during a typical day we might be a: Coach, Friend, Janitor, Mediator, Musician, Nurse, Role Model, and Story Teller. Like our students, we are excited to be here, because we are still learning too!

“Miss Nancy” Wendt Stringer Preschool Director/Lead Teacher
“ I am happy and excited to be teaching young children at a program where there is such a connection between our community of families; where we all work together and support one another”. Nancy opened the preschool for Resurrection Lutheran Church in 1983 and has worked here ever since.
She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education.
“Miss Kendra” Briscoe Teacher
“I am so excited to be back at Resurrection Preschool!” Kendra is returning this year to teach for us after several years of operating her own program, Kaleidoscope Kids. We are excited to have her bubbly personality and artsy flair on staff once again. Kendra has studied Early Childhood Education and taught in a variety of settings.

“Miss Julie” Davies Teacher
“I enjoy the children’s spontaneity and their adorable little faces.”  Julie has graced Resurrection with her warm smile since 2000. She is certified to teach Elementary and Early Childhood in the State of California and has a degree in Speech Pathology.

“Miss Ronnie” Smith Teacher
“I looks forward to every day of teaching and watching the children grow.”  She has been teaching at Resurrection Preschool since 2008 and has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education along with classes in ECE.

“Miss Patti” Bigham Teacher Aide
“I love the things children say and watching them learn and grow.” Patti has worked with us since 2003.
She has a Bachelor of Science in Economics/Communications.

“Miss Sandi” Burke Teacher Aide
“I love interacting with the children and helping them learn new things.” Sandi started with us as the Mom of 2 students and now returns to us as a teacher. Sandi has a B.A. in Physical Education.

“Miss Linda” Duryea Teacher Aide
“I like everything about preschool; I love the challenge of getting to know the children.”  Linda has worked with children at Resurrection since 1995. Linda brings with her a lion’s share of patience, a talent for nurturing and intuition for putting even the most reluctant students at ease.

“Coach Kyle” Montague Teacher Aide
“Why teach? It’s the satisfaction that I am teaching kids good values and helping them grow into good people.” says Kyle. Kyle has worked at Resurrection since 2009. He has coached soccer and baseball for many years, which is evident in his style of interacting with the children; Kyle is their biggest cheerleader. He has a teaching credential from SDSU.

“Miss Jennifer” Perry
“Young children are fascinated by everything around them; showing them wonderful things and watching them take it all in is the best!” Jennifer began with Resurrection many years ago as a Mother of 2 busy boys. She first brought her enthusiastic self to the classroom as a sub and beginning this year as a member of our teaching team.