Faith Formation – Continuing Education at Resurrection Lutheran Church – RLC: Ongoing Education is important for human beings!  For the Body of Christ – Family of RLC education and learning happen and evolve in various ways.  Currently we have weekly Adult Forums on Sunday Morning at 9 am, which provides an opportunity to look at the Sunday Texts as well as different books and topics.  Our youth currently have 2 opportunities to engage in the learning process. The children’s message during worship have become an important and enjoyable part of worship and the learning process. Sunday School is an excellent opportunity for children through grade 5 to learn more about the daily scripture readings and how to apply them to their daily lives.

Faith Formation is about nurturing and growing one’s faith and witness through the rite of Confirmation or the Affirmation of Baptism.  How this program or “Faith Formation” opportunity is being designed will include and multi-generational component.  We “Affirm our Baptisms” every time we come to worship whether we realize it or not. Faith Formation enacts that more intentionally.  The younger children through grade 6 will be involved in an After School Program/Summer Program beginning in June on Thursdays at 4 pm. This program will involve specific activities and experiential learning opportunities to help formulate faith.  Grades 7-9 will have the opportunity for a more independent study to fit their and their parents busy schedule. There will be an online component and an individualized schedule, which may involve other area church confirmation programs.  If someone has “slipped” through the cracks and is in 8th or 9th grade – no worries, there is an option for those in this situation too, just more individualized.

Faith Formation for Adults and Families: If you are an adult and have never received confirmation/affirmation of baptism education there is an option for you also, which would be individualized for you. Online study and meetings with Pastor Brian would be arranged to make it a Golden Opportunity for all involved.

Family Faith Formation is intended to be inter-generational opportunities for every member of the Body of Christ to come together and become involved in experiential learning events throughout the year designed for personal and spiritual growth.