Donna Crossman is working with the RLC council and the City’s Design Review Committee to provide some much needed deferred maintenance and improvement to RLC.  Donna has put up renderings in the Narthex that will show you the plan that was presented to the City.  This is the initial phase and we want all the congregation to follow along with the design.

This plan includes painting the entire building, removal of a pine tree in front, stucco work and finally new plantings,landscaping throughout the property and new signage.

Nancy Wendt, our preschool director, received $1500 from the Edgar Bequest Grant in late July.  This was specifically for improvements that are to be made to the front play yard.  She is slowing looking at equipment and deciding what will best serve the children at Resurrection Preschool.

To date we have done maintenance throughout the building, had the stucco work done and had the painting work done.  There may be a little more that will be done on the painting but for the most part that part of the project is finished.  We also have the new awning installed. We are now looking forward to the next steps in this project.