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Season Summer   —  Time after Pentecost

Summer preaching is a great time to reframe how God continues to make a claim on the beloved community of the church against all odds.  God’s persistence in the life of the church is truly a treasure!  Accounts of Jesus forming his followers through storytelling and with mighty acts inspire us to persevere and even flourish.

Jesus promotes a singular focus on what he calls the “kingdom of heaven.”  Parable after parable speaks about glorious things coming from a small seed, a little yeast. or a treasure hidden in a field.  Jesus brings the abundance of God to a hungry crowd with just a little bread and a couple of fish.  God works in small, hidden thing here and now.  What are the gifts that we have received that look small but really are not small?  What treasures are hidden in our communities that spark the imagination to see the kingdom of heaven right in front of us?

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This Month’s Activities

Sunday Worship with Holy Communion
10:15AM | Patio
All earth is hopeful while it prepares the celebration, God invites all to this gathering to prepare hearts and homes to bear the Christ light anew bringing peace, hope, faith and joy.

First Sunday of the month an Order for Healing is held in worship.

9:00 | Zoom
The Adult Forum features conversation about the Sunday Gospel Lesson.

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