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Season Autumn   —  Time after Pentecost

Autumn brings a return to school and zoom and the resumption of a fuller schedule of congregational activities.  It’s an opportune time to wonder where we stand before God.  What is it that God wants from us? How can we be shaped again and again by God’s word in our worship.  What is this life with God that Jesus came to bring?

In the gospels, Jesus tells a series of parables to describe this life with God that in Matthew is called “the kingdom of heaven.” In Jesus’ parables we find that mercy meets justice head on.  In one parable, a king is the model of unexpected forgiveness for a great debt.  In another, a landowner hiring day laborers pays the same wage to all, no matter what time of day they begin their work.  And in yet another, a king extends a wedding invitation to those in the streets when others more lively to respond reject the initial invitation.  Jesus’ stories surprise his listeners, causing the to rethink their place.

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This Month’s Activities

Sunday Worship with Holy Communion
10:15AM we are gathering for “In Person Worship at 10:15 am, masks required as well as social distancing
All earth is hopeful while it prepares the celebration, God invites all to this gathering to prepare hearts and homes to bear the Christ light anew bringing peace, hope, faith and joy.

First Sunday of the month an Order for Healing is held in worship.

9:00 | Zoom
The Adult Forum features conversation about the Sunday Gospel Lesson.

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