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Welcome to Resurrection Lutheran Church of Coronado!

Church Season: Easter

Preparing for Easter – Christ Is with Us

Following the traumatic events of the crucifixion and terrifying resurrection, the disciples in their confusion and grief had to be wonder, What’s next? The lectionary readings for the Easter season provide the road map ahead as the disciples discover a new postresurrection life and reality:  Christ is with us.  Behind closed doors, in our doubt, on our journey, in water, bread, and wine, the Good Shepherd calls us to follow, going before us to prepare the way, bringing peace, breathing the Spirit on us, so that we may tell this story to people of every land and nation.  Jesus’ promise to be with us always is the game changer.

From Sundays and Seasons.com. Copyright 2011 Augsburg Fortress. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission under Augsburg Fortress Liturgies Annual License #26514.



This Month’s Activities

Sunday Worship with Holy Communion
10:15A | Sanctuary
All earth is hopeful while it prepares the celebration, God invites all to this gathering to prepare hearts and homes to bear the Christ light anew bringing peace, hope, faith and joy.

First Sunday of the month an Order for Healing is held in worship.

Sunday School for Pre-K through 5th Grade
During worship at 10:15A | Old Kitchen
Following the Children’s Message, young persons 5th Grade and younger are invited to attend Sunday School, which follows the Spark! Curriculum and meets in the Old Kitchen.

Sunday Forum
9:00 | Library
The Adult Forum features conversation about the Sunday Gospel Lesson.

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